Due to her northern lifestyle, by the age of 12, Laura had worked in no fewer than 15 types of craft mediums, including resin-casting, weaving, ceramics, calligraphy, silk-screening, mosaic and loom-beading. The process of constructing things and transformation of simple elements to make a whole cast a spell over her. It became an integral part of her life, and an obsession. It has been vital to her development as an artist, and is obvious in the intricate complexity and myriad of processes in her work.

In the last decade she has settled on glassblowing as her primary medium of choice. "Glass is an ever-challenging and enchanting medium: it requires one's entire focus and patience for extended periods of time. It is a balance between discipline, and abandon; between shaping the glass, yet also allowing the nature of the glass to shape you. I don't go more than 30 minutes without a thought about glass and what I want to do with it next." Glass is an everyday material, yet can produce an endless array of exquisite and extraordinary results.

Laura uses layers of clear glass with color applied to each, combined with sand- and hand-carving, various types of painting, acid-etching, drilling, and multiple polishing techniques to produce a work filled with the quiet, luminous exuberance that has come to be a hallmark of her work. Blowing the piece is only the beginning of a long, labor-intensive process.

She contrasts simple, traditional shapes with ornate, detailed and sometimes whimsical compositions that usually involve many layers of color, texture and repeating pattern. "I find simple everyday symmetry and curve to be beautiful, and a perfect canvas for my designs." She has been known to work on a piece for up to a year, sometimes diligently spending hundreds of hours on a single piece. In fact, the more complicated and labor-intensive the project, the more attracted to the process she is.

By the time she is finished, it is difficult to let go of the piece, as each one captures a little piece of her history within it. "It is my goal to captivate the viewer's eye as he/she contemplates the mystery of how it was made, and the harmony of balance between proportion, color, symmetry, and pattern. If I can make one person's heart leap upon seeing a piece I have made, then I have succeeded."

Laura's vessels retail between $600 and $1600 U.S. dollars. Her lighting pieces range between $800 and $3000, and are CUL and/or UL listed. Please see resume for a list of galleries, or contact the artist directly at Laura@murdochglass.com.